Thursday, January 12, 2012

MEDITATION IN ACTION Secret of holding measureable wealth is to reduce needs. We had wealthiest human beings ultimately who give away vast amounts of the money that they have acquired in a lifetime. Famous and powerful person hiding in their homes without meeting anyone were also around. Knowledgeable wise people had spent life to learn and teach must have stopped all their activity and get into path of salvation through meditation! This suggests that the motivation behind all their efforts was not the pursuit of knowledge, wealth or fame; but something else. Find some time in silence and communicate to self. It helps us understand and realize the eternal truths about the self. This realization is joining with God and understanding the world. In silence one gets the true values of the soul in peace, love and joy which make one strong. One learns to comprehend and express sincerely and powerfully. Silence is not the absence of thoughts in the beginning. It creates conflicts, allow it to grow. In course of practice one reaches a state in which the mind is engaged in pure elevated thoughts that nurture these values within. Reaching a mental and spiritual level that is needed to tackle various situations successfully. At this stage of realization one gets to know that what is our need is not the real need. They are the packages holding something within. Find the content; it opens up a different world. The awakening of spirit and the flowering means realization. Reminding ourselves every moment that I am the soul and not the body is the outcome. Thus you realize that your desire is in the manas level and nothing can enter in manas to get satisfaction. A beautiful flower, when you say you want, it only means that you are bringing it closer, never ever reaches the realer seeker in you, your manas. Thus it being little far or near shouldn’t make any difference to you. You Reach Higher with this thoughts and realization in you. Then what is the fun in loving and how do one achieve developments could be a serious issue. Keep wearing virtues and start loving others. Your thoughts must always be that makes you creative and maintaining high level so that you have no time for the small disturbing events around for time pass. Keep the mountain of success give higher visibility so that some bigger mountains are in your aim. Meditation in Action is the punch line. When your thrill is in creativity and higher goals in life and sequence of achievements are your moments in memory, every action is meditative. You have no regrets, not tired, not bothered on the comments / criticism of others. Your manas, buddhi and soul are with you united without conflicts. This gives the at most silence within reaching in meditation. Meditation in action is being creative, productive and in BLISS. 111227 --------- / 9502038875 (Hyderabad)

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