Monday, January 16, 2012

120116 - vidhyadhari - feeling DULL

Vidhyadhari : Sir, you have written in “LIFE made SIMPLE” that we should not ask anybody to evaluate us, but our close one know us better no? so why not give them a chance to evaluate us and improve ourself if required?

DrTPS : Simple Living is living as what we are. Evaluation of others will make us not Simple. We superficially change for them. We don’t like it too. SELF evaluation and knowing what others expect from us is what is required. We know what is that expected from us by those who are close to us. Else how can they be close to us? How can you be close to them?

Vidhyadhari : Yes. I love it. They are not close to me and I am not close to them. But there are some people who don’t expect anything from us but only wants us to the best like our parents and guru. Isnt it good for us to be evaluated by them?

DrTPS : Don’t you know, wjhat your parents expect from you? Be a daughter to them, simply simple. Be with them, you will know. That will be the natural knowledge of their expectations from you. What they demand and at times when they are angry and shout at you are not the real expectations !!

Vidhyadhari : yes. True. Sir, these days I have become lazy, (due to holidays) I am not in my control. I am not able to work properly. I hate myself, when I don’t listen to myself. My head is aching badly. Not able to meditate. Not able to wake up early. I feel very bad sir.

DrTPS : Don’t think of how you lost time. Think what to do next. I am with you. Think of me, and my words. That is around you. Now you will be fresh and smart. My prayers are for you too.

Vidhyadhari : I am okay sir, I always wish to be your girl. Why did this happen? So that I can avoid it next time.

DrTPS : Be in touch. Remind yourself, so that u remind me of your presence. I am with you. U r smart, cute, never lazy. Chest Up and Never be Dull.

Vidhayadhari : Yes Sir. You are always in my mind and will remain so. I am recharged now. Will start working.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do what you think

Do what you think

Happiness or sadness comes with little and big things we think more than we do. What we do is not important, most of the time what we do is not that fill the mind (manas). Our manas and buddhi can make us to do activity. Things that satisfy are the one done with the consent of manas not with buddhi.

At times an activity is important for self that is suggested by manas. But we restrict acting on it as we give importance to the feelings of those who mean a lot to you. Each one has their own favorite paths and these are like a turning and twisting paths, it has various forms and colors.

One can’t have happiness or can’t be happy in his entire life; many a times one is forced to do something against own desire. It may be true at the time of action that is justified by the manas; soon after which is unjustified by the same manas and buddhi. This makes the athma to be in pain. Such atma will only survive in troubles.

Each of us loves to be creative and be in different paths. This is the way of being simple, incidental and passionate. But may not get the justification of inner self as buddhi likes to be social, practical and conditioned. Such instance that is not loved by manas but justified by manas makes one to be unsatisfied. Unsatisfied feeling of the atma level is keeping one away from self.

Realized self is the one with actions that are endorsed by manas and buddhi. This makes the atma / consciousness always is ease. Calm, cool, pure and still is the desire in a free and fair life. This is possible only when buddhi justifies the desire from manas. Unified state of manas, buddhi and atma that can give LIFE in full enjoyment. What we think is what we do, and never have a feeling of “shouldn’t have done”.

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MEDITATION IN ACTION Secret of holding measureable wealth is to reduce needs. We had wealthiest human beings ultimately who give away vast amounts of the money that they have acquired in a lifetime. Famous and powerful person hiding in their homes without meeting anyone were also around. Knowledgeable wise people had spent life to learn and teach must have stopped all their activity and get into path of salvation through meditation! This suggests that the motivation behind all their efforts was not the pursuit of knowledge, wealth or fame; but something else. Find some time in silence and communicate to self. It helps us understand and realize the eternal truths about the self. This realization is joining with God and understanding the world. In silence one gets the true values of the soul in peace, love and joy which make one strong. One learns to comprehend and express sincerely and powerfully. Silence is not the absence of thoughts in the beginning. It creates conflicts, allow it to grow. In course of practice one reaches a state in which the mind is engaged in pure elevated thoughts that nurture these values within. Reaching a mental and spiritual level that is needed to tackle various situations successfully. At this stage of realization one gets to know that what is our need is not the real need. They are the packages holding something within. Find the content; it opens up a different world. The awakening of spirit and the flowering means realization. Reminding ourselves every moment that I am the soul and not the body is the outcome. Thus you realize that your desire is in the manas level and nothing can enter in manas to get satisfaction. A beautiful flower, when you say you want, it only means that you are bringing it closer, never ever reaches the realer seeker in you, your manas. Thus it being little far or near shouldn’t make any difference to you. You Reach Higher with this thoughts and realization in you. Then what is the fun in loving and how do one achieve developments could be a serious issue. Keep wearing virtues and start loving others. Your thoughts must always be that makes you creative and maintaining high level so that you have no time for the small disturbing events around for time pass. Keep the mountain of success give higher visibility so that some bigger mountains are in your aim. Meditation in Action is the punch line. When your thrill is in creativity and higher goals in life and sequence of achievements are your moments in memory, every action is meditative. You have no regrets, not tired, not bothered on the comments / criticism of others. Your manas, buddhi and soul are with you united without conflicts. This gives the at most silence within reaching in meditation. Meditation in action is being creative, productive and in BLISS. 111227 --------- / 9502038875 (Hyderabad)