Saturday, December 6, 2014



I felt always gloomy
Thought that none is around me
I felt when my mom covered me
Covered me within her cloth to feed

I was alone in the class of crowd
Felt I am the lonely one
Ne who doesn’t get any class
The class went off my head

I was not smart in the ground
My early age was with village
Village games that had to hide
Hide as they were unpopular

I had no dress that groomed
Matched the fashion of the day
So I was aloof under the mask
Mask of a studious one less active

I was not so bright and had no dream
More of dread that made adjustable
Love what I got as the best of all
Not being creative – not my cup of tea

Fear of failure and loss of courage
It is me the end of the day I learned
I was driven by chance and loss
Lost in fate and thought that is life

I kept smiling with mask of pride
Shown as myself so courageous
Hidden my failures saying always
I am from such a background

It is just half of my life now
I realized the life is not just that
That one defines and driven
It is to be lead by self desire
It is not late, never late
At least a day before one breath
Breath is last could get to live
Live a life that lead by self

Roads and many and cars too
Neither the road nor the car
Decides the speed and the drive
It is the skill in the driver

I decided a day, that I will drive
Drive along and enjoy my roads
Let the road be bad and the car too
I will enjoy  the humps and dumps

I loved these days as these are
New brighter of the brightest
It is not the mask of hide
It is the mask that protected me
So long as the pupa had before
Before the butterfly took birth


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Travel with GURU

Travel with GURU (first trip to Alappuzha in 2002 is remembered when i was traveling alone on 140823 early morning)


I had faded vision Eye with cateract Oh. Guru it is you You alone gave me Graced me vision Vision to see world So different in bliss You always created a world around you A world full of actions with positive spirit Salutations my guru for showing active Active life of non-stop perseverance You gave me all skills with yoga-athma It is just your blessings that prevails in me No god is beyond you for me in this life As you are the one who opened the door Door that led me to see god in action Till I met you, god was dump on me Salutations to you; guru who led me through I throb for your touch I live on your dream My hands on your feet My heart beats just for you I listen only your voice I see only your profile I surrender all that I have at guru's adobe It is in bliss I live when I speak of you I enjoy life only when I gift all that I have All that I have due to you to you alone I am blank and I am none without you Thus I gift you me and fully me in gratitude To fight the world to stay alive and fit I need a strong weapon of knowledge It is you alone blessed me this weapon You tought me how to sharpen it too Bless me the wisdom Wisdom to bow you Bow you due to all All that I am today As the ladder for me when I aspired high As the root in deep making me stable As the god when I need you in console You made me rich being with me through I loved special fragrance and flavours Loved is only that had your smell and taste I desire to be blind in this world and see See you Appear in my closed eyes always I love the love of you purity and bliss in you I love the action in you Your smart creativity spirit your smooth sharpness Wise activeness I adore Fully surrender to get it Get it fully from you ever You marked life of fame Deep within all you met Salute you on this able Leadershipness of you Whatever I gain in this life is just wasteful Waste is my life if I haven't had you like this Bless me to have this feeling of you all through That makes all troubles as challenges ahead Salutations to you Your feet is upon me I grow just below you You hands always Reach my head Bless me in ease You my beloved guru