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You can be RICH
Rich in money, but not able to enjoy - YOU ARE POOR

But is fully uncomfortable - then why you are - and fully helpless

You are travelling in any class - BUT your destination and the time of travel is same
WHY then to spend more - Use that to make someone else too to travel with you

You are eating costly - non-nutrine food
THEN why not the local available good normal food to eat and
STOP the packed - long stored BAD food

Means of LIFE is living and the STYLE of Living is LIFE itself

MUSCAT-ISS-Salalah-Interview 2015 Decmber 31


Imtiaz: I am Mast. Imtiazuddin Gazi and the person I am going to interview is none other than Dr. T P Sasikumar who has visited our school recently on the 7th and 8th of October, 2015 for a two-day workshop. I don’t have to introduce him to my fellow readers, as his words are enough to describe him. Actually, it becomes very difficult to maintain discipline among the audience especially when they senior students. But while you were addressing us, there was complete discipline. We were all mesmerized by your extraordinary oratory skills.  Honestly speaking, I didn’t know anything about you before your workshop. But after the workshop, I went home and googled about you. I even read your bio data- with so many degrees, certificates, and professions. It was shocking to see that initially you were not good at studies, but slowly and steadily you started valuing education immensely, as it has made you what you are today. Is this true? Dr. T P Sasikumar: Yes …

Rashtra - Chethana INTERVIEW

How to develop will-Power and concentrateI am Tarun (a graduate).I always find myself running away from tough situation and problems. Is my weak will power responsible for this? If so, kindly suggest me certain suggestions to improve it and to conquer my fear from defeat and death?
Dr T P Sasikumar : Fear from defeat and death is due to insecurity feeling. It is due to lack of self-confidence / Will-Power. Due to tension.
Life is a race. Started at the time of birth itself. At the time of conceiving millions of sperms get into the egg of the mother, and only one out of millions take birth. That is u and me. Thus life is a big chance, race, gift.
All  will die, it can happen at any moment. Equal chance for the rich / poor, qualified / not, wise / cruel. So no need to worry. It is not important that how long one live, it is how we live that counts. As the scripters says nimisham jwalitham sreyam nathu dhoomayithum chiram
Some time the death and lack of interest in life and hence the non-per…