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Rashtra - Chethana INTERVIEW

How to develop will-Power and concentrate

I am Tarun (a graduate).I always find myself running away from tough situation and problems. Is my weak will power responsible for this? If so, kindly suggest me certain suggestions to improve it and to conquer my fear from defeat and death?

Dr T P Sasikumar : Fear from defeat and death is due to insecurity feeling. It is due to lack of self-confidence / Will-Power. Due to tension.

Life is a race. Started at the time of birth itself. At the time of conceiving millions of sperms get into the egg of the mother, and only one out of millions take birth. That is u and me. Thus life is a big chance, race, gift.

All  will die, it can happen at any moment. Equal chance for the rich / poor, qualified / not, wise / cruel. So no need to worry. It is not important that how long one live, it is how we live that counts. As the scripters says
nimisham jwalitham sreyam
nathu dhoomayithum chiram

Some time the death and lack of interest in life and hence the non-performance happens due to the feeling of lonely, no one to share, feeling of why and for whom we have to live etc. can be the reason.

Human being is a social animal. Human being is being human. It is interpersonal relationship and sharing. In this world one cant live without anyone’s help. And thus we too have to live for others. If this philosophy is followed, all of us will feel that we are not alone and the whole world is with us and we are for the whole world. Live with this feeling that is the spirit in living. No one is useless, thus we too are not useless. May be used less. But find your own paths to walk ahead.

If all the circumstances are favourable, any fool can be successful. It is only the brave and the cheerful person can do different and creative activity, when things are not favourable. The saying that ‘brave sailors are made by the rough sea’ is the right attitude one has to have in life. Strike, fight, strive – loose or win – don’t care. Life is to do challenges and to perform brave hits.

Failures are common. Success can’t be overnight. For reaching higher, one has to have many steps. As one climbs the visibility increases, the courage and strength is when one look behind and around to see the vastness that already covered. Not the height that is to be covered.
Look behind and see the path followed, that will give courage to march forward.

Concentration comes from interest. The major issue for many is lack of concentration. These people when goes for movie, they have full concentration. Two hours breath-less they follow the movie. When it comes to study / reading / job; they have no concentration.

Make activity thrilling. Reading must be thrilling. Enjoy each and every paragraph like the picnic spots that are being visited in a sight seeing trip. Be eager to know what is covered in the next page. Can you, I am sure you can. Keep the goal, motivation in action. Ask why I am?  What I got? How much I know? End of every half-an-hour ask self, how much more I gained? This is the best way to have the concentration.
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Lack of compassion in our society
How did we get to a point where we don't care about anyone else but our own immediate family anymore?

Dr T P Sasikumar : Being materialistic is the order of the day. Desire is the basis of life itself. Desire is not bad. Compassion, love and feelings are also the property of mind (manas). Whole development of this world itself depends on the desire.

For most of the people any desire including love ends in possessing and showing right. Selfishness is the result.  “I love flowers”, next feeling is to have the flower, or the plant itself in our home.

Blind love and desire makes them to own it. Desire is the act of mind (manas).  It is to be realized no material can be taken to the manas. Maximum it could touch the body. A few can be consumed to take inside the body. Can’t reach the mind (manas). Satisfaction, success, happiness are all in the mind level. Learning to enjoy when things are not being possessed is the greatest lesson.

This lesson will allow people to share and derive happiness when it is enjoyed by others. The self also can enjoy it.

What is Omkaar?
Why do we enchant Omkaar before any Mantra..

Dr T P Sasikumar : Aum is the sound of the universe. It is said that if you keep a funnel and listen to the space, you will hear Aum. The best bell that makes the ring will have the echo generated as Aum. The basic most powerful sound. The primitive, pranava manthra.

Manthras are the thread to stitch the soul with the god. The needle that manthra (thread) is being taken through is the sharp Aum chanting.

People do believe that the most difficult long manthras are the best. It is not true. The best is the shortest. There are five letter, two letter manthras. As small they are that sharp, beautiful and powerful they are. Aum is that one.

According to gita what we should follow heart or brain?
Most often people says always listen 2 ur heart it will never misguide u bt under certain situation if v listen 2 our heart it may cause harm 2 our close one's or it may affect their(who r colse 2 us) life.At dat time our brain will say dnt do such things which are affecting ur relatives only.In short if v r listening 2 our heart v r hurting relatives or some one close n if v r following our brain v r hurting our self. This situation occurs with me at times i.e. if i do something it will hurt close one n if i will nt do dat den it will hurt tell me according to gita i shd follow heart or brain?
Dr T P Sasikumar : Manas (Heart) has only desire. It all ways will ask, I want, I want. Never it knows to say Don’t and No.  It has no knowledge. No logic. No comparison, analysis, judgment etc. Mana is accidental, natural and thus could be casual and non-logical.

Budhi (Brain / intellect) has data, knowledge. It makes man human / social. Sophisticated / cultured / polished / modern / developed etc. These are artificial / calculated. Being so is not original. Thus manas always in upset on this.

Conflict is between manas and buddhi. All the time this happens. Indriyas are controlled by manas. Thus manas has control on all actions. Buddhi dictates manas to do or not to do.

I give example that seeing ice-cream, one feel like eating. This is due to the input (seeing) that the eye feeds to the manas. As the indriya gave input, manas get the desire to eat. Tongue starts watering; the other indriya is fed by manas. Smell / touch and feel the chill are also done some time. Hear the comments from others on the quality and thus the happiness on having the ice-cream increases in manas. So far so happy.

Now buddhi will intervene. Buddhi will say, don’t eat. As last time when some one ate, they had throat infection. Ice cream is not good. Another shop is good. It is costly. Water used for making is not good. So many thoughts keep pondering. This is the act of buddhi. It tries to say to manas. Don’t eat. Buddhi and manas starts the communication. In life maximum time is wasted / used on this. Some how may be on some reasoning of the buddhi manas surrenders. Some time manas will not listen to buddhi.

The person who is controlled by buddhi, we call them practical / intelligent. The other way, those who are acted upon manas is called emotional. Both are not good and are good too. It all depends on situational. When / who / how / where they do matters.

Assume the act is done / not done. Then the atma / chith / chaithanyam / life / brahma will tell the manas and budhi “Oh, you should / shouldn’t have done this”. It is like the judge saying after the act.  So what will happen, we feel upset for that. Many are unhappy like this. Inside of the person talks to him, it is neither manas nor buddhi. It is atma.

At times the unsatisfied desire makes the dream. At night, one will start watering the tongue, in the dream the ice-cream is eating. Most of the dreams are the result of unsatisfied desires. Being more practical at times will make others happy, but self will be unhappy internally. May be the word ‘scarifies’ and I have done it for others / I believe in service etc will make them pacify. 

One who doesn’t have the desire will not have these justifications. They will not feel they are doing the service / sacrifice. The feeling of ownership is the first step before giving / serving / scarifies. This is the feeling fed by the buddhi into the manas. Else manas have no feeling of ownership. Clean manas is the child’s manas. It will want and doesn’t have the logic / knowledge and buddhi is less. They enjoy while getting and will feel sad not having. Immediately forgets and stretch the hands for something else. This is what happens when buddhi is less and manas is more. Nelson Mandela says “it is difficult to have both buddhi and manas”. My poem “UN DIVIDED EARTH”, I wish for a life with less of buddhi and more of manas.

This atma is what is creating the second though based on the introspection. It is harmlessly does this, but everyone is happy / unhappy at some point and later reverse on this.

Gita says
athmaanamanamava saadhayeth
athmaivahyathmano bhandhu
athmaiva ripurathmanaha

Here, Krishna is asking to raise the manas from the lower usual level to the atma at the highest level. So that desires are minimum if not nil. When manas is in the atma level, the actions will be controlled by the Brahman and activity will be clean. No complaints on the action by the atma. At this level buddhi will have no conflict with manas.

It is not the stage of desireless life. As life can’t run without desire, the action will never be questioned by atma. Conflicts are reduced. It is not a forced action, natural / casual but will be logically right too. Manas and buddhi are balanced.

who / how God was created ???

According to Advaita Vedanta, Gos is the soul of Universe and Universe is as the body of God. God is the Supreme Being which created Universe and governs the Universe. But Swami Vevekananda states that Maharshi Kapila denies the existence of God as creator of Universe. Unchanging, eternal God cannot be the cause of Universe and Universe cannot be its effect - says the Atheistic Sankhya Philosophy. Because then question arises, if God created Universe, who created God ??

Dr T P Sasikumar : Matter and energy have these questions. The see-er, seen and the object have this question. Un answered by great rishi(s). What to say.

May be sound is the cause of the movement and movement is the cause of the sound. Where it is started? How ? when ? Unanswered.

Why planets are revolving around the sun? Why electrons are revolving around the nuclease? Many of these questions are unanswered.

Problem is with the man, who questions. Human is philosophical is making this life complex. Many questions are around and unable to get answer. He who didn’t get an answer is upset. Answer given by one when some one disproves; one feels happy and the other unhappy. The cycle is running from past to present and will continue. Most of the answers are logically / philosophically trying to explain. But may not have a conclusion.

As Ramana Maharshi says
hrudaya guhara madhye
kevalam brahma maathram

Understand the energy is god and the matter is the carrier. They can’t be separated. They come together. Like life and body. If life goes body decays. It is created together. The cell has consciousness else it is not cell. It had components. At that level too they are electrons and the energy within that. Thus at any stage the existence is with energy. Inseparable.

Please define Character
Define character and characterless nature

Dr T P Sasikumar : Character is unseen. Behaviour is the result of character. Behaviour is like the name of the river. At a place at a time it has a name. Character is the water. The basic element. Likewise, gold is the character and the ring / chain is the resultant of it. Character has no form.

Thus the constant behaviour at all times and places to all around – called the interpersonal behavior of an individual is measured and we call the person carry good / bad character. None is characterless, bad character is referred as characterless.

Character is the permanent state of affair. It is basic level. In a whole life one could hide the character and could act for the society entirely un-natural and artificial. We call them of good charactered person.

On the otherway a normally (almost all instances) a good behaved person at one instance makes a wrong, we call him characterless (bad character). Thus the character is seen as the dirt in clean water. Small dust / ink spot in a clean milk.

Character is not important; it is the resultant behaviour that is important. Many times the character will display at the situation. Situations are what create one to behave good and bad. All are good and bad. Controlling the situation / not setting oneself to such situations is the care to be taken to display the character.

Dr T P Sasikumar

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