Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do what you think

Do what you think

Happiness or sadness comes with little and big things we think more than we do. What we do is not important, most of the time what we do is not that fill the mind (manas). Our manas and buddhi can make us to do activity. Things that satisfy are the one done with the consent of manas not with buddhi.

At times an activity is important for self that is suggested by manas. But we restrict acting on it as we give importance to the feelings of those who mean a lot to you. Each one has their own favorite paths and these are like a turning and twisting paths, it has various forms and colors.

One can’t have happiness or can’t be happy in his entire life; many a times one is forced to do something against own desire. It may be true at the time of action that is justified by the manas; soon after which is unjustified by the same manas and buddhi. This makes the athma to be in pain. Such atma will only survive in troubles.

Each of us loves to be creative and be in different paths. This is the way of being simple, incidental and passionate. But may not get the justification of inner self as buddhi likes to be social, practical and conditioned. Such instance that is not loved by manas but justified by manas makes one to be unsatisfied. Unsatisfied feeling of the atma level is keeping one away from self.

Realized self is the one with actions that are endorsed by manas and buddhi. This makes the atma / consciousness always is ease. Calm, cool, pure and still is the desire in a free and fair life. This is possible only when buddhi justifies the desire from manas. Unified state of manas, buddhi and atma that can give LIFE in full enjoyment. What we think is what we do, and never have a feeling of “shouldn’t have done”.

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