Monday, February 20, 2012


anusha: Chachu ji.. What is the meaning of Shiva in Sanskrit?
me: shivam means good..
feeling bliss.
anusha: Ohh.. So shiva is called as the God of Meditation... As the highest level in it is Samadhi level...
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anusha: When Shiva means bliss, then y does Shiva always portrayed as an angry God..?
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me: he is not..
all the time he is half closed eyes..
he dances in blisss.
not in anger
anusha: He does thandava nrutya na?
me: that is because
for gents
lasya for ladies
anusha: Okay, why is he called Rudra?
Wat is meant by Rudra?
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me: Oh.. rudra means remover of pain
anusha: Ohh...
me: also dru means rhythem
speed movement
ru means roaring
so speed dance with roaring sound..
dont take this as anger.
anusha: Ohhk...
me: this is with full energy and that too from a manly person
anusha: Alright
me: leading to samadhi.. brain gives the coolness soon when after the dance takes rest.. that is samadhi..
anusha: Raudra is anger aa?
me: NOooooo
anusha: Wat is the sanskrit word for Anger?
I heard some similar this
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me: krodha
anusha: Ohh..
Who are Aghoras?
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me: aghoras is a group of sanyasins who are expert in thanthra
anusha: Are they Shiva bhaktas?
me: yes.
thanthra is close to shakthi than shiva..
anusha: Hmm but still Aghora's are seen in Kashi na
me: yes..
anusha: Which is supposed to be Shiva's place
me: they are shiva's devotees..
anusha: Do they use Thanthra for gud purpose only?
me: thanthra basic is from adiparashakthi BUT aghora is the version from them..
Dont know good or bad..
that is relative..
anusha: Ghora means terrible na,in Sanskrit
Wat is meant by Aghora?
me: ghora is not terrible,..
anusha: Then?
me: khora thapas means what?
too deep..
deeper than deep
anusha: Ohh

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